Secondary Market Annuities – A Safe Money Option With Surprisingly High Yields

Secondary Market Annuities arise from a hidden corner of the financial landscape. Very few investors know about the market, but most who do discover it jump in right away.

Secondary Market Annuities, also known as structured settlement annuities,  are in-force annuities for sale at a discount, and they are a great high yield option for conservative investors sick of volatility and depressingly low yields. Individual buyers are snapping them up and it’s time you learned about the market too!


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How Do They Fit In Your Plan?

What Are Secondary Market Annuities?

Secondary Market Annuities are simply existing in-force structured settlement annuities that people seek to sell for cash today. You may have heard radio and TV jingles for this business attracting sellers of payments, but we work on the other side of the trade. We buy these payment streams from diverse origination sources, and process the transfer in a unique manner to produce the highest quality income streams for clients, but at a discount to open market alternatives.

At SecondaryMarketAnnuity.Net, we are principals in a company that transfers these structured settlement annuity cash flows. We facilitate the re-assignment process, and manage a unique and court ordered transfer process that makes you the new payee of an existing payment stream.

You gain a rock solid payment stream, but win with a discounted purchase price, saving thousands of dollars over traditional fixed income alternatives.

Why Work With Us?


For Individuals:

As more and more individual investors research annuities online prior to a purchase, it’s imperative to find a reliable source of information and inventory.

With full disclosure of the entire process and the worlds largest supply of Secondary Market Annuities, SecondaryMarketAnnuity.Net offers individuals exceptional service and unparalleled transactional safety.

And, as the exclusive source for “In Stock” Secondary Market Annuities, we offer quick closing transactions available right away.

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Secondary Market Annuity Best Practices:

Our inventory is updated constantly. Our purchase process is seamless and 100% investor focused. But before you can appreciate that, you need to understand what an Secondary Market Annuity is!

There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to buy Secondary Market Annuities.

The best practices are clearly laid out on this website and are what we follow for our individual clients, and for our advisers who use this website for available inventory and as a resource for themselves and for their clients.

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For Advisers:

We offer exclusive access to the finest transactional platform and inventory in the industry. As an adviser integrating Secondary Market Annuities to your practice, you join forces with the leader, and benefit by the best buyer- focused purchase process in the industry. These unique procedures provide extensive investor protections, legal review, and an unprecedented guarantee on every case.

For advisers, this site is a resource for you and your clients alike, and gives a full and clear picture of the marketplace so you can make a confident recommendation.

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The Purchase Process:

Our purchase process is entirely buyer focused. The wholesale procedure buys each case into inventory and thus ensures the entire buy side interests are perfectly aligned with wholesaler, advisers and clients. We provide a full closing book showing all legal documentation of the transfer prior to any money changing hands- it’s a refreshing ‘What You See Is What You Get’ transaction unlike anyone else in the industry.

Explore this website, but be sure to go through the simple sign-up process and to see our available Secondary Market Annuity inventory. Get on your way to a high-yield, safe, and guaranteed income future.

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