Below is a table of many companies offering Structured Settlement Annuities  and contact information.  As an owner of Secondary Market Annuities you may have a need for these contact details for things like change of address and direct deposit.  Not all companies will offer direct deposit but it’s always worth asking!

Resource List Of Structured Settlement Annuities Company Contact Info

Company NamePhone NumberWebsite
Alexander Hamilton Life800-458-5299
Allstate Life Insurance Company / Allstate Life Insurance Company of New York800-840-3870 / 877-690-4092 (FAX)
American General Life Insurance Company800-288-4088 ext 8006
American International Life Assurance Company of New York (post 2000 issue)(713) 831-1922 / (800) 441-7468
American International Life Assurance Company of New York (post 2000 issue)800-288-4088 ext 8006
American International Life Assurance Company of New York (pre-2000 issue)866-221-0418
American Mayflower Life Insurance Company of NY800-432-6631
Aviva Life and Annuity Company/ Aviva Life and Annuity Company of New York800-800-9882 / 800-252-4467
Berkshire Hathaway Life Insurance Company of Nebraska/ First Berkshire Life Insurance Company402-916-3395 / (402) 536-3100
Canada Life888-252-1847 / 416-597-6981
CNA/ Continental Assurance877-633-5217 / 312-822-5000
Commonwealth Annuity and Life Insurance Company508-460-2400 / 508-460-2401 (fax)
Confederation Life Insurance Company416-323-7600 / 416-323-7610 (fax)
Executive Life Insurance Company of New York800-638-2704 / 888-398-8213
F&G Life Insurance Company800-357-8734 / 888-513-8797 / 402-328-2266 (fax)
Farmers New World800-327-6377 / (206) 232-8400
Federal Life Insurance Company (Mutual)(800) 233-3750
First Colony Life Insurance Company(888) 325-5433
GE Capital Assurance / GE Capital Life Assurance Company of New York800-432-6631 / (212) 799-3900 / (206) 625-1755
Genworth Life/ Genworth Life of New York800-432-6631
Hartford Life Insurance Company800-678-2282
ING/Security Life of Denver800-638-6273 / 877-886-5050
John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.)/ John Hancock Life Insurance Company of New York800-624-5155
Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston800-451-7065 / 888-398-8924
Manulife800-395-2364 / 416-926-3000,,lang=en,00.html
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company888-549-4227 / (800) 272-2216
Met Life(800) 638-2704
MetLife Insurance Company of Connecticut800-427-9409 / 800-334-4298
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company800-427-9409 / 800-638-5000
Monarch Life Insurance Company800-654-0050 / (413) 784-2000
Monumental Life Insurance Company(410) 685-2900 / (319) 355-8511
National Indemnity Company402-916-3395 / (402) 916-3000
New York Life Insurance Company212-576-6243 / (212) 576-7000
Pacific Life and Annuity Company(800) 800-7646/ (888) 728-5611
Peoples Security Life Insurance Company276-679-2831
Presidential Life Insurance Company800-926-7599
Prudential Life, Structured Settlement Division1-800-521-5774
Prudential Insurance Company of America888-778-2888 / 800-207-7806 (fax)
SAFECO Life Insurance Company800-332-3226
Symetra Life Insurance Company800-796-3872
Transamerica Life(319) 355-8511
Travelers Life and Annuity402-351-7749 / 866-336-2077
United of Omaha Life Insurance Company800-843-2455
United Pacific Life (see Genworth)(253) 952-6770
United States Life Insurance Company 800-288-4088/ Fax # 806-349-5802
VALIC (The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company)800-448-2542