On this page we’re going to ask you some simple questions to line up the target.  We find it greatly helps when looking at distinct investment options and cash flows to have a clear goal in mind as proper planning often involves many SMAs blended together.

Once goals are set, we’ll outline the purchase process and give some ideas on how to use Secondary Market Annuities.

4 Steps To Make A Plan That Works

1) What are your essential expenses?

2) What guaranteed income do you have currently?

3) If you have more essential expenses than guaranteed income, we have a target.

4) Fill the expense gap- the target- with a guaranteed income!
Now you join the ranks of investors who are looking at the available Secondary Market Annuities with a definite goal in mind.  It’s a good place to be.

Set The Target:

To pick what’s right for you, we both need to know:

  1. What Is Your Specific Guaranteed Target?
  2. When Does It Start?
  3. How Much Is Needed Per Month?
  4. How Long Does It Last?
  5. Is a COLA Or Annual Increase Required?
  6. Do You Have Specific Future Lump Sum Needs? (Home Purchase, Tuition, etc.)

These simple goal setting questions can point you in the right direction and most importantly, narrow your search parameters.

Don’t look at immediate income deals if you are 15 years from retirement! Likewise, don’t look at 20 year deferred lump sums if you need income now!

Who Are Ideal Candidates For SMA’s?

SMA’s are perfect for investors who are sick and tired of stock market fluctuations … Who want safety and security AND a high yield…. And investors who want certainty in their financial future.

Investors considering hybrid annuities- Index annuities with Lifetime Income riders- are also great candidates. Hybrid annuities have many benefits, especially lifetime income riders and partial market participation.  But the low payouts, complicated terms, and sometimes low credit quality of  many ‘hybrid annuity’ carriers make the  high yield fixed SMA deals more attractive.

A Lifetime Income Idea:

If you are considering a lifetime income annuity, consider this:

First, purchase a lifetime income insurance that maximizes longevity credits and starts paying at age 85…. and then  fill in a fixed period with high yield SMA’s that maximize yield. We at Annuity Straight Talk sell the finest in lifetime guarantee annuities, from NY Life and other top carriers.

In a two step process, you secure a great lifetime income you can rely on (NY Life and Met offer longevity products) and you secure a superior  high yield, defined term income that maximizes return on assets with a GUARANTEED income.

It’s the perfect retirement plan, protecting against longevity, maximizing income, and never putting you at risk of  outliving assets.  Win Win Win.

Call us for more details or illustrations.

The Purchase Process:

Because each of our transactions is a personal process with each buyer, we will be involved directly with you every step of the way. SMA’s are not sold in an automated process- we prepare legal contracts and will have many conversations with you during the process.    Our clients quickly become friends and we strive to always keep it that way!

Stay tuned- learn more, and let us  know how we can help.  The Strategy Session page guides a few goal setting questions and helps your selection.

We look forward to working with you!