The First Step In The Purchase Process Is Goal Setting

When planning for retirement income, determining what you need, vs what you want, might be a challenging process.  You might not be able to guarantee 100% of all you want, so a more useful starting point is to instead focus only on what you truly need.

The worst thing you can do is swing for the fences with risky investments to try and make up for lost time or lost opportunity in life…. swing and miss, and you could risk not being able to afford either what you want, OR what you need! Disaster!

First Things First

Deal with first things first- cover you baseline needs with guaranteed income- ideally, cover it for life too.  Unless you know with certainty when you’re going to die, it’s awfully hard to bounce your last check.

Lifetime income is a topic we explore in other pages.  For now, we’ll stay on point with SMA’s which are by nature fixed term fixed yield investments.  I’ll make the assumption you have dealt with longevity risk (the risk of outliving your money) by other means…. And that you know that the  SMA portion of your portfolio is going to be positioned in a great yield, guaranteed manner.

4 Steps To Make A Plan That Works

  1. What are your essential expenses?
  2. What guaranteed income do you have currently?
  3. If you have more essential expenses than guaranteed income, we have a target.
  4. Fill the expense gap- the target- with a guaranteed income!


Now, with that complete, you join the ranks of investors who are looking at the available Secondary Market Annuities with a definite goal in mind.  It’s a good place to be.

Set The Target:

To pick what’s right for you, we both need to know:

  1. What Is Your Specific Guaranteed Income Target ?
  2. When Does It Start?
  3. How Much Is Needed Per Month?
  4. How Long Does It Last?
  5. Is a COLA Or Annual Increase Required?
  6. Do You Have Specific Future Lump Sum Needs? (Home Purchase, Tuition, etc.)

These simple goal setting questions can point you in the right direction and most importantly, narrow your search parameters.

Don’t look at immediate income deals if you are 15 years from retirement! Likewise, don’t look at 20 year deferred lump sums if you need income now!

Once you become a member (It’s Free!) of SecondaryMarketAnnuity.Net you can input these goal parameters into a simple Strategy Session form and you’re over 1/2 way there… When we both know what you want, we can get there a LOT quicker!